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jim halpert is kind of a girl
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aluminum-free deodorant, antiques roadshow, barrettes, belting showtunes, braiding your hair, buying fabric softener, buying flowers for anniversaries, buying your tampons, chai tea, chivalry, chocolate, color-coordinated outfits, combing hair, cooking gourmet meals, crying, crying during casablanca, curing pms with gentleness, declarations of love, defending your honor, driving within the speed limit, enya, exfoliating, extreme home makeover, facials, fancy new beesly, folding laundry, fresh baked cookies, gardening (preferably perennials), gourmet cookies, grape soda, handmade holiday gifts, happy endings, homemade gifts, houses with upstairs terraces, julia roberts movies, lifetime movies, loving/watching you from afar, making smoothies, manicures, mixed berry yogurt, moisturizing, more than one kitchen, my feminine side, my t-zone, obscure indie bands, pam, pink the color, pink the person, planning surprise birthday parties, playing guitar, ponies, quilting, quoting super-old inside jokes, reading cosmo, remembering your extended family's birthdays, romantic comedies, saving the wildlife, scented candles, scrapbooking, sending thank you notes, sex and the city, simultaneous orgasms, strappy sandals, stuffed animals, telling my mom everything, the notebook, travis, unrequited love, upstairs terraces, watching rachael ray, writing sonnets, writing you songs, yoga, zoobooks