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jim halpert is kind of a girl's Journal
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Below are the 1 most recent journal entries recorded in jim halpert is kind of a girl's LiveJournal:

Friday, June 15th, 2007
8:15 pm
Jim Halpert is a good guy. Hell, he's a great guy. Remember that time he convinced Michael not to give Pam a "Longest Engagement" Dundie? Or when he bought fabric softener, or babysat Toby's daughter, or quietly pined away for Pam for years and years before making a move, and then was all quiet and respectful when she said she was still marrying Roy?

Jim Halpert helps old ladies cross the street. Jim Halpert will watch whatever girlie thing you want to watch and never once make you sit though any kind of sports-related program or mindless action movie. Jim Halpert can guarantee that you will come every single time. [Repeatedly, if that's what Jim Halpert decides.] He cries when you cry, he listens to Travis, he won't even ask for sex until you let him know you're ready for it, he's selfless and giving to the point of making you look like an asshole by comparison, and he is an all-around sensitive dude.

There is something else to consider though: Jim Halpert is kind of a girl. In putting Jim Halpert up on the Ultimate Boyfriend pedestal, fandom has also gone and castrated him by accident.

Welcome to kindofagirl, the place to celebrate Jim's Y-chromosome, or, if you'd rather, to make fun of the uterus we're pretty sure he's hiding somewhere.

Do you love Jim, but want to make fun of him for being such a little girl all the time? This is the place for you.

Do you love him, but want to see a more realistic side in which he accidentally implies Pam is fat, leaves the seat up, and kind of want to try anal? This is the place for you.

Do you hate him and want to see him brought down a peg or two? This is the place for you too!

COMING SOON: A recommendations post, celebrating the fics, icons, and other such things that make fun of Jim or show his less-than-perfect side.

In the meantime, anything goes! Post your own fic/icons/other creations, or post about your favorite asshole!Jim moment from canon, mistakes you'd like to see Jim make, all that good stuff. ANYTHING GOES!
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